Citizens Alliance of New Hampshire fights for our shared New Hampshire values, regardless of party affiliation. That’s because all of our actions revolve around The Pledge: 10 simple commitments inspired by the New Hampshire State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. When a New Hampshire lawmaker signs The Pledge, they promise to uphold the following:

As a New Hampshire legislator I will...

Vote to support our state and federal constitutional right to self-defense.

Vote to support medical freedom for patients and practitioners.

Vote to strengthen election integrity.

Vote to expand education freedom and transparency.

Vote to uphold our protected right to due process and equal justice under the law.

Vote to expand economic freedom for individuals and businesses.

Vote to support the free speech of all citizens.

Vote to cap or reduce state spending and tax rates.

Vote to limit or reduce the size and scope of the state's bureaucracies.

Vote to protect New Hampshire's rights and oppose federal overreach.

How was The Pledge created?

The Pledge is inspired by the New Hampshire State Constitution “Bill of Rights” and the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution, because these two documents outline the set of rules and values which all New Hampshire citizens have agreed to live by. These 10 commitments set a reasonable, fair and clear standard by which Granite Staters can judge their elected officials.

How do I know if my lawmaker has signed The Pledge?

Citizens Alliance of New Hampshire asks all 400 New Hampshire state representatives and 24 state senators to sign The Pledge. Sign up to become a Citizen Pledge Champion to receive regular updates on Pledge Signers and whether your lawmaker is voting to uphold their commitment.

What happens when a lawmaker signs The Pledge?

Lawmakers who honor the Pledge receive intense in-district support, including:

  • Digital and print advertising
  • Thank you notes, emails and phone calls
  • Townhall opportunities
  • Realtime legislative alerts to constituents

What happens when a lawmaker betrays or ignores The Pledge?

Lawmakers who betray the Pledge or refuse to sign altogether receive intense in-district criticism, including:

  • Digital and print advertising
  • Letter, email, text and phone call campaigns
  • Realtime legislative alerts to constituents

How does CANH score lawmakers?

CANH uses a simple “stoplight” rating system to score lawmaker behavior.

Good Standing

Legislators in this zone are committed to upholding The Pledge and working hard defending New Hampshire values.

Questionable Standing

Legislators in this zone are showing signs of abandoning The Pledge and need encouragement to keep defending New Hampshire values.

Bad Standing

Legislators in this zone have chosen to ignore or abandon The Pledge and should be questioned if they are aligned with New Hampshire values and the oath they took to uphold the New Hampshire and U.S. Constitutions.

Regardless of a lawmaker’s standing, CANH may engage in targeted educational messaging to constituents in their districts on specific issues and legislation.